El Dorado Cabernet Franc "Barrel Reserve" 2015

El Dorado Cabernet Franc "Barrel Reserve" 2015


We held back our favorite barrel of ’15 cabernet franc and aged it an additional two years, finally bottled this spring, it is now ready for release.  The extra time allows the wine to develop more complexity and smoother more rounded tannins. Because we used an exceptionally fine grained french oak barrel that was originally made in 2012, this is no “oak bomb,” it showcases the finesse and depth that come with extended barrel aging.

Brix at harvest: 23

Aging: Neutral French oak barrels

Bottling date: April 20, 2018

Alcohol: 13.7%

Production: 24 cases

Ingredients: Sustainably grown El Dorado county grapes, ambient yeasts, So2

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