Pinot Gris Pétillant Natural 2016

Pinot Gris Pétillant Natural 2016


Inspired by the harvest we worked in Alsace (Eastern France), where our mentor made pét-nat out of the four noble grape varieties of the region.  The Pinot Gris bottling always shined a bit brighter than the others, with focus and minerality.  We set out to find our own slice of Alsace in California.

This is as pure as it gets - no additions of any kind, including sulfites.  The racy acidity and dissolved CO2 (the bubbles) protect the wine naturally.  Aged sur latte for 11 months, the wine developed complexity and depth in our cold cellar.  

Due to unforeseen issues with a few of our caps, there is more variability in the bubbles than we'd like. If your bottle lacks a little sparkle...let us know and we'll ship you a new one, on us. 

Harvest date: Sept 2 2016

Brix at harvest: 20.1

Aging: 11 months in glass bottles

Bottling: Sept 15 2016

Disgorged: August 21 2017

Alcohol: 12.2

Production: 22 cases

Our additive-free sparkling process is labor intensive, production is limited. 6 bottle maximum per customer.

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